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Are you ready to be a Norfolk game changer?

ClearCompany is truly a unique and groundbreaking enterprise. We are taking the bull by the horns and working together in a collaborative way in order to nurture and benefit our wider community.
Every single penny that we raise goes towards building a circular economy within Norfolk…an economy that invests in itself enabling it to grow and thrive.



A donation to ClearCompany will help us with every step we need to take to create a resource dedicated to supporting Norfolk’s chefs, food producers, artists, musicians, craftspeople, traders and the wider community. Everyone in Norfolk can benefit from ClearCompany’s mission.

Step 1: To showcase local services at our pop-up events and in our online shop.

Step 2: To raise funds to establish our Norwich Restaurant Gallery and Shop, enabling pop-up chefs to cook, traders to sell and artists to showcase their talent.

Step 3: To use the funds raised to nurture more local start-up initiatives.

Step 4: To provide advice, advocacy and coaching to individuals experiencing personal difficulties and who need support in overcoming obstacles.

Step 5: To host workshops for enterprises and individuals, allowing them to share skills, collaborate and create opportunities for themselves and others.

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