This company is being created to serve the community and is being built by the community.  Help is coming from all over Norwich and beyond to get this venture off the ground.  This is community at its best and directing every decision through collaboration of skills, experience and sheer determination to develop a community resource for all.

We are pleased to introduce the people who are donating their time, skills and experience to create a unique marketplace for Norwich and everyone in it.  There are many more and we will bring them to you as soon as we persuade them to have a picture taken!…

Julie Briggs

Julie Briggs, of Get It Communications, Founder member and Director of ClearCompany

James Evans and Marietta Kakourra

James Evans and colleague Marietta Kakourra have supported us in our mission to find and design our home

David Todd

Steve Wiseman

Steve Wiseman of Wiseman & Associates. As a Director of ClearCompany, Steve is one of three who launched ClearCompany as a CIC in 2017

Debbi Christopher

Debbi Christopher from Prohelp Norfolk helped us find our professional partners

Robert Ashton

Robert Ashton, Social Entrepreneur & Author, providing guidance, advice and a wealth of experience in finding solutions to social problems

Tom Lefever

Tom Lefever – Conisbee Structural Engineering – has been on hand with building advice from the start

Harry Harris

Debbi Harvey

Zena Leech Calton

Zena Leech Calton, chef, cookery teacher, owner of Lodge Farm Holiday Barns and Love Norwich Food Tours. What Zena doesn’t know about kitchen design and food probably isn’t worth knowing.

Ana Almeida

Ana Almeida, craftswoman and administrator who came on board as a Director from the beginning

Andy Baker